There has been war and they solve it with a spit, not dialogue and no more war either. This is about the gods of Norse mythology. War has been tried, and then dialogue that is, of course, far better than war. But is dialogue and war the only thing it takes to make peace? The saliva is something else, it is a physical act, a ritual. I am back to the opening of the Norse myth about how poetry is created. It is a fascinating opening; the art is created as a result of an insoluble crisis and bodily fluidity.
But enough of that. That is not what I am supposed to write about. I am going to write about Vår and a newly knitted dress. Let me take the dress first. I had an idea to knit a dress, I have had that before and done that. But I was not entirely happy with the result – I can do better. Then I started again and do not ask me how I made it. I knew I wanted a green dress. It is just that it gets reasonably boring knitting the same colour over time. Thus, other colours enter silently into the dress.

I am not always as impatient as when I knit. In the metaverse, I can hold on to one topic a whole day, trying to get details in an image. Create static animation, putting an avatar together, and make a context to the avatar.

I jump a lot in this post. Back to the knitted dress that is going to be warm, it is made of wool. I knew I would have a braid pretty high up on the dress and started with this, it laid the foundation for the rest of the dress, where I knitted by measure, I took off myself as I knitted. So, it is a dress I cannot repeat.

Then it is about Vår – meaning both spring and our in Norwegian – yes, I am longing for spring, but I guess it is a little early in Norway, winter is still here, and Monday I get to feel it. Then I am going to Frognerseteren and wander into the woods. This involuntary walk is due to Vår. I am going into the woods to rehearse our performance. It will be set up again in February, in English and digital. The last time Kristin and I performed it was in July 2021, produced by Adverse Camber.

You can read more about it here and book tickets. Before the performance, I going to Denmark, (if covid wants) to have a performance and a course there.

Bye for now