The stunning work of Selavy Oh is closing today, those silently falling snowflakes only to be recalled in images.

Taciturn means: (Of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little. Taciturnly become for me a personal story, or rather a communicated memory because it lacks the coherent scenes of a narrative. Apart from one island on the side where you see some characters, perhaps one, in numerous actions.
First of all, I never spoke at school before seven years had passed, this I made a performance about some years ago called ”Post Silence”. I grew up on a small island, and noone seemed to care much about me not talking at school and it did not bother me either. I could then live fully out the fiction I had created. Besides, being a storyteller today, I think it was a good thing to spend 7 years as a listener.

When it comes to the island with the small sculpties, there is two stories going on. I wanted to have some personal impact by the impression of the big spheres falling down, and standing there looking at them, figuring out what intuitivly came to me, I suddenly got a glimpse of the tsunami. Not that I have experienced this, but the stories from 2004 also reached me of course. And I was on school tour jus after the catastrophe and some of the schools had lost some of their pupils.

As I was working in poser, figuring out the poses, I remembered my own childhood. My father was a psychopath. Violence was part of my early childhood, but fortunately my mother managed ”to escape” with us children before it was too late. I do not feel like a victim today, but it’s not something I go around and talk about. Nevertheless, it is a resource that can be used without being oppressive and some will feel the need to comfort or similar. But it is also important to be observant of what it sets off in others.

The silence was the theme of this installation, and when I looked for character it came to me immediately, as I remembered the book, the horrifying personal story ”When rabbit howls”. The character got something that could be interpreted as a bunny, with my limited creating skills.
These impressions was just hinted in the installation, and hopefully it was so open that it could be interpreted as something completely different.