A storytelling performance about the longing away from the fear and how to understand the presence of death.

The performance is based on true and untrue, learned, heard and discovered stories.

This is a narrative event that is based on «50 years as a human being, 20 years as a storyteller and 8 years as an avatar». The audience is invited into a living room made up of narratives. Here they are served tea and a cake and stories told and can talk about topics that arise and associates through gazing at the pictures and objects in the room.

Performer: Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen
18th – 20th of April and 22th -24th of April, every day: at. 1100-1200 and at. 1800-2000, apart from Saturday and Sunday: 1500-1700.
Place: Gallery PP33, Pilestredet Park 33, Oslo
Entrance: free
Registration is required: heidi@fortellerkunstner.no

Prior to the performance, the following will take place:

Storytelling workshop, read about it here.

«I’m Mimesis»
Self-portraits (selfies) is taken and processed with the mobile phone, loaded into the virtual world and made as a frame around avatars. This is taken «snapshot» of and posted on the blog. On FB readers has selected the pictures that will be used for posters. The posters will hang on the wall in the fictional living room. The element is discussing the term “Singularity”. Read more here.

Chronotop/Post card

In the process, I have received postcards from known and unknown. The postcards will lie in a box, which the audience can open and read. In addition, and the postcards will be posted on the blog.
Read more here.

The collection of names stories
I have stories retrieved through the interview, others are sent to me. The collected stories will be printed out and be hung on a string in the hallway into the fictional living room.
Read more here.

Other elements included are:


The audience is invited to tea and cake. The cake is baked by me, based on the recipes after my grandmother named Liv/life.

Crochet memories
The floor, tables and chairs will be covered by the tablecloths and blankets I have crochet for the occasion.

365 times dead
The floor will also be covered with paper boats where each boat is folded together with a traditional story about death.