So far, the latest episode is out in the series «Mimesis in Crisis». This has been a hectic and educational process, which I will return to in later posts. Now the experience and data must be allowed to mature  a bit. But one thing, I can say, was that there was too much work over a short time, which is an important finding. Moving to a digital medium is not just about turning on the recorder, and then it just “happens”. Material should be found, put together, rehearsed, several recordings and sample episodes made, discussed with the creative partner, then edited and posted.
Three episodes are published.

The project is about:

Under the research question What challenges, concerns, and tools require the presence of mimesis when transporting oral storytelling to digital platforms?, the project aims to create storytelling performances for the medium Podcast, where the objectives is to look at what aesthetic tools are needed to create a holistic artistic oral storytelling experience when the listener is not present in time and space. This is an artistic research project in which the process from planning to implementation is developed and explored through a method-developing practice aimed at a digital medium. The performances will be planned and implemented, organized and disseminated through Podcast where the storyteller’s aesthetic tools are re-articulated and tested through a medium that is not the oral storyteller’s daily working platform.

Each narrative consists of a mixture of autobiographical material, Norse material, theory and sounds recorded in the immediate area of where Dahlsveen lives.

If you are on a mobile phone, go to the links below the audio files, as it is difficult to hear the files through the browser.

The first episode is about the moment of death of my son and the main story is taken from the Volsung saga. The two narratives contrast each other, while also having similarities.

Episode two has a story from Hrolf Krakes and his warrior saga. The autobiographical material is from when I was a child. Both stories address violence against women, albeit in different ways.
The final episode is called «Sometimes I Remember Mrs. J.» and is about when I went to upper secondary school. The main story here is the Volsetåtten. Here I address a wide range of eroticism.
After listening to the episodes, I appreciate that you can answer short questionnaires that are linked each episode, except the first one, as there are enough answers there.

This is a research project and your answers will help me better understand the transition from here and now to a digital medium.

In the project I collaborate with the British dramaturg and researcher Paula Cruthclow. These episodes are supported by the Federation for European Storytelling.