I wanted a forest trip. Went to Dyfed forest. The place is described as follows:

“A woodland at twilight. Be immersed in lush, foliage, wildflowers & the sounds of dozens of birds & insects. What lies behind the secret garden doors? Take a pod tour with your love and enjoy your stay.”

It is very green there and not overloaded with details. Appears as timeless, but a kind of “without motivation”. It is a very typical metaverse forest that you find many of in SL. The advantage here and perhaps the brutal truth is that I am alone in the woods. The fact that there is no one else here is a bit like going to a restaurant, you become skeptical if there are no other guests present.

So why is it an advantage to be alone? It is easier to take pictures. Pictures of my narcissistic avatar posing one-sided, and is scripted to look into a camera. The eye and the camera are connected, when I look into myself, I also look out.

Inside the forest I discover a small home, walk in and there inside I discover the 1970s. A nostalgic moment in the woods, which in itself is nostalgic. That’s probably how it is in SL, it’s a place with an abundance of nostalgia.

This is the last place I visit in this project. It was not exactly a “bang moment”. Now I will look through pictures and texts and summarize it all.