Here I am back in a place I have visited before. You can read more about it here. This time the place is “dressed” in a summer season. I have also dressed up my avatar in summer, in the picture here:

Yes, the place is beautiful, it fulfills the cliché of how we can imagine a peaceful summer is, away from harassing news. It is a summer for the privileged, those who can afford to fantasize.

Let me write something about the avatar, I change the shape and appearance in an intuitive way. It is maybe this part of the process where I feel creative. The expression is always sporadically made, I see what I have of objects and put it together. Then I make an animation, really the only thing I can make. I make a pose that I think can express part of a narrative. In other words, I have no specific plan, other than that I want to present different expressions in each place. I then have between six and ten avatars and find locations where they or all the I -s (which is one avatar) become part of a context. In this place, for example, I am an old woman who is lost in a flora, I am a fantasy animal dressed in pajamas and something that can be interpreted as an angel or a bird.