This was a whole new place for me, filled with interesting details, but way too many avatars present at the same time, so hard to take pictures there.

The place is followed by a note that says the following:

Hello Stranger, you found the incredible Neverending- Sakura Tales. I welcome you here.

Neverending – The Storybook of an artist, whose drawings comes to life through his magical pen and paper, he found in his first book: Mad Wonderland.

My dearest friend Valarie is the amazing landscaper, who got my vision very well and brought it to life. Incredible, how she put each little detail on the right place.»

It is a refreshing place, but which at the same time brings up an aesthetic we recognize in the virtual world, a kind of romanticization of something that exists in real life, like a bridge over a sea, yet there are variants of what we know.

It’s a great place to be!