This was actually one of the first winter places I visited this winter. The description of the place is the following: “Hold me in your heart, it has been so long since I forgot what a warm home means. Feel free to explore, take pictures or just relax.”

The first time I visited the place, I experienced it as beautifully created with a lot of details. But then I started visiting the other sims with a focus on winter and discovered many similarities. As I wrote in a previous place, there is a lack of different perspectives when it comes to understanding what winter is.

The place is beautifully created, on the border of the sentimental. But why not, winter is in many ways about the sentimentality. Now that I have visited the place several times, I think there will be too many details, it is more difficult to create a narrative of your own – it becomes episodic. The creator (s) may have been more concerned with creating surprising and beautiful details that you quickly stop by and then travel on, than a discovery of a hidden narrative. For me, in other words, it is important that you put yourself in a story that is created.