First of all – happy new year!

In the previous post I wrote that I should visit winter places, and here you have «Winter’s home» which is described as follows: «Welcome back to the warm home you remember or want to remember.»

Here you meet a dense forest with paths and maps. The maps were not necessary for the place is not big and you quickly get an overview. The place gives the impression that you are in the depths of a forest, there are a couple of houses there and a campfire.

An illusion of isolation and recreation is created. The place is absolutely atmospheric and even though the forest is dense, there is room to create your own narratives.

Unfortunately, the illusion is broken if you, like me, happen to drive your camera too far away. You then discover that you are actually in a box in heaven.

Bring your camera back and continue to live in the illusion of the lonely forest where winter has a home.