This is the second post about exploring places in the virtual world. These days it is natural to visit winter places and I will present a couple of these in some posts.

Today you get to see glimpses from my visit to Snoweeta. The place is described as follows: «An endless winter walk over the vast cloud-covered fields in Skåne can look empty and devoid. But when you look around closely, the snowy scene has many stories to tell …»

Snoweeta is refreshingly beautiful, it looks like an endless horizon and is not overloaded with trees and snow piles and bling bling. Because this is a recurring problem in these virtual winter places and one can wonder if the creators actually have experienced a snowy winter. By the way, this is a different winter this year, (then I do not think of Covid19), the winter is mild. In the center of Oslo (in Norway – where I live) it has been one day with snow. Otherwise it has been raining:

But back to the virtual landscapes, most winter places are exactly the same: filled up with Christmas trees, an ice rink and a train line that leads nowhere. This is something that you find most places and you forget which sim is where, because they are looking exactly the same. It must be frustrating for those who own these places – that the creative diversity in an understanding of what winter is, is rather narrow. This is not the case in Snoweeta, free of train lines, and we end up in a rural area with a tractor in a ditch and some wild boars grazing. It’s easy to create your own narratives there because the place is designed thoughtfully and sensitively. I have visited the place several times to discover small details in the landscape. The place requires time and reflection.