In this isolated time, I have decided to carry out a small virtual exploration project. I will go to different places in the virtual world and look at how these places can creatively and narratively affect me. When I mean affect, I think of how this influence extends beyond the virtual boundary and the synthetic world and into the physical reality.

The project will have the following course:
– I visit and investigate a place and write a short log
– I put together variants of an avatar for the place and make poses.
– I visit the place again, take pictures and write a log
– I process the images in the lightroom on the computer
– I write a blog post with pictures
– I log if I can use the material in other ways: into performances, stories, new stories or something else. Or does the material, the impulse, appear elsewhere?

Exploring virtual places – a summary

In this little project, I have entered the metaverse SL and visited places with my avatar in various castings. Here is a summary reflection of what I have experienced. First, I want to relate it all to the concept of performativity. Performativity is a “wandering”...

Exploring virtual places – en oppsummering

Gjennom blogginnlegg har jeg gått inn i metaverset SL og besøkt ulike steder med min avatar i diverse støpninger. Her følger det en oppsummerende refleksjon over hva jeg har erfart. Først vil jeg relatere det hele til begrepet performativitet. Performativitet et...

Exploring virtual places #23 Dyfed forest

I wanted a forest trip. Went to Dyfed forest. The place is described as follows: “A woodland at twilight. Be immersed in lush, foliage, wildflowers & the sounds of dozens of birds & insects. What lies behind the secret garden doors? Take a pod tour with your love and...