In this isolated time, I have decided to carry out a small virtual exploration project. I will go to different places in the virtual world and look at how these places can creatively and narratively affect me. When I mean affect, I think of how this influence extends beyond the virtual boundary and the synthetic world and into the physical reality.

The project will have the following course:
– I visit and investigate a place and write a short log
– I put together variants of an avatar for the place and make poses.
– I visit the place again, take pictures and write a log
– I process the images in the lightroom on the computer
– I write a blog post with pictures
– I log if I can use the material in other ways: into performances, stories, new stories or something else. Or does the material, the impulse, appear elsewhere?

Exploring places #15 – Orange

There are many art installations that are looking for a new kind of aesthetics, and that takes time to get used to when one enters the installation. In the beginning it may look like something is just wacked together, but one can also regard it as a kind of protest...

Exploring places #14 Chakryn Forest

Like the two previous places I mentioned here on the blog, Chakryn Forest is also a place that has been around for a long time. It was created by Andrek Lowell , a creator that I used to create The Companion. At the time, let me say long ago, Chakryn was a revelation...

Exploring places #13 Verdigris

This time I visited Verdigris. Like Tableau, the previous place I visited, Verdigris is also a place that has been around for a long time. But places seem a bit deserted. Where there should have been shops, there are empty stalls. The place is experienced as outdated...