In this isolated time, I have decided to carry out a small virtual exploration project. I will go to different places in the virtual world and look at how these places can creatively and narratively affect me. When I mean affect, I think of how this influence extends beyond the virtual boundary and the synthetic world and into the physical reality.

The project will have the following course:
– I visit and investigate a place and write a short log
– I put together variants of an avatar for the place and make poses.
– I visit the place again, take pictures and write a log
– I process the images in the lightroom on the computer
– I write a blog post with pictures
– I log if I can use the material in other ways: into performances, stories, new stories or something else. Or does the material, the impulse, appear elsewhere?

Exploring places #7 Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters

This is a place built over Shakespeare's Macbeth and has been around for almost as long as my avatar. The place is probably somewhat outdated, yet a place I ever so often stop by. The place is described as follows: “is a symbolic treatment of the key themes of...

Exploring places #6 Apartments

This time I visited the place called Apartments which is described as follows: "Hallways, endless rain and cats lots and lots of cats." This is a place I have tried to visit several times, but due to structures with many details, it has taken too long to download....

Exploring places #5 – White veil

This time I visited the art work White veil by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh. These two are renowned artists in the virtual world and who also have managed to combine virtual art into the physical world. Here they have teamed up and made the installation White veil. I am one...