Chou Chou is a place created by a group of musicians who also have a career outside the virtual world. You can read more about the duo here. So the place is of course related to the music, it is minimalist with big horizons, where you can stand and listen.

The virtual locations are on three levels. On the base there is a horizon with a tree, a piano, a cage and a ladder. There are long beaches with water. And not least a horizon, I love horizons – visions are created in horizons.

On the second level is a more architectural building that gives associations to a cathedral. The whole place is characterized by a minimalism with an eye for detail. I have to admit that I have been on the third level only once a long time ago. As far as I remember it was a Japanese garden, which is not surprising since the group is Japanese. But it was not my favorite place, so I have not visited it again, only the other two levels.

The landscape seems open and soothing and not least poetic. There are always other avatars standing around listening to the music. Well, the avatar is standing, while its «owner» is in front of a computer screen. Since it is so minimalist, the place become somewhat monotonous, if you are not there to listen to music. Still it is a place you always come back to. And then it’s impressive that this group was created in the virtual world.