Moving into the project «Tomorrow and more» is a playful experience. Alpha Tribe is behind the concept and here is an excerpt from the long description that accompanies the project:

“’Tomorrow’ is an entropic world in which nothing is expected to ever change. The trickster god Kokopelli and his merry tribesmen greet the newcomer with their pied piper songs upon first entrance. Follow them and they will lead you into a world of willingly suspended disbelief where you will have no choice but to fearfully accept all that you are being told. Which is the essence of ‘Tomorrow’. Blind belief. The place is owned by a pride of fat cats who hang out in their secluded boudoir and who have to be kept in good humor by a constant supply of all sorts of delicacies that appeal to their carnivorous palates. No one sees them or hears from them or even really knows that they exist, but trust me – they own it all, they control it all.”

When you follow the road inwards, you encounter situations that appear absurd as foreign elements have been introduced into what is initially perceived as an everyday experience. Here there are cats who enjoy a feast and other characters who looks like a choirs in Greek ancient comedies. Characters characterize the whole concept and this makes it problematic to involve one’s own avatar in the situations. The whole thing is characterized by a carefully thought-out design, where your own avatar is alienated and disturbing.

In that sense, it is extremely interesting to put one’s own presence in situations, where oneself becomes a disturbance.