This is a place built over Shakespeare’s Macbeth and has been around for almost as long as my avatar. The place is probably somewhat outdated, yet a place I ever so often stop by.

The place is described as follows: “is a symbolic treatment of the key themes of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. Exploring the island allows you to experience the key milestones on Macbeth’s journey. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the story of a serial killer whose emotional journey is one from the will to power, through to bloodlust, moral confusion and ultimately to death. You can also drill down to investigate themes such as the notions of authorship, adaptation, the playhouse, power and ethics.”

You enter different landscapes when you visit the place, something is abstract like a labyrinth you cannot get out of and then you have the more concrete, like a castle hall. All places play a key role in Macbeth’s interpretation. I really like this idea of visualizing a play and a theme in this way. You get in depth of a topic. The red room in particular makes an impression, where we see pictures flickering on the walls, pictures from more modern war disasters. Imagine if someone could have done something similar with Ibsen. I remember a virtual place that did this with the poet Poe, but not sure if that place exists anymore.

But the place would have benefited with an upgrade, the visual impression gives a feeling of being outdated even though the thematic is still relevant. On the other hand, the outdated also gets a function, it creates a historicity that is perhaps unusual in the virtual world.