This time I visited the place called Apartments which is described as follows: «Hallways, endless rain and cats lots and lots of cats.»

This is a place I have tried to visit several times, but due to structures with many details, it has taken too long to download.

This time I calculated plenty of time time and spent a couple of days walking around in the narrow corridors there.

The place is well constructed and you really step into a narrative with hints of science fiction, because outside the windows there are vehicles flying. Here it is hallways that tells about those we imagine live there. The rooms are small with many details. In a previous post I wrote that details got in the way of the narrative, but not here. The details are linked to imagined characters. It is as if someone has left a shower in a hurry, or has just fed the cat. It is thus details that lead a narrative and do not take away focus from the narrative one is constructing.

And as the description says, there are cats everywhere. Cats that quarrel, cats that are skeptical, cats that stretch and the like. I myself have at times been particularly interested in cats, so this certainly helps to make the place attractive, I find here a personal connection that is absolutely important in an experience. This place is worth waiting for the long downloading.