This time I visited the art work White veil by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh. These two are renowned artists in the virtual world and who also have managed to combine virtual art into the physical world. Here they have teamed up and made the installation White veil.

I am one who does not particularly appreciate forced interaction, as when you go to a performance in RL and are forced into contributing to the show. That is the first thing you meet in this place. I am also not particularly good at reading the information that is given. So the first thing you encounter when you walk there peacefully is a bunch of white balls rolling down, hitting you and you are sent back to the starting point.

There are ways to get away from this, my way became the long way, to walk over the mountains. Here you meet flocks of penguins standing here and there, you can also try a dancing walk up to the tower, where the white veils are located. I even ended up staying near the penguins.

It is inevitable that you here get an association with climate change, with the balls that represent avalanches and penguins are perhaps animals that suffers from human’s need to subjugate nature. This is the last winter place I visit, so we can hope for a better winter next year, without a pandemic and with snow (at least in Norway).