There is a monotonous landscape in the installation called Cells. The installation is described as the following:

«CELLS – a 3-D sim-wide installation created by Moki Yuitza.

Suppose we can look inside the brain of an Artificial Intelligence, and above all see how it works, how its parts work. What would we see? In a digital world where everything is possible, who knows. Maybe this is what we would be able to see: Cells.”

The installation moves on many, but equal levels, there is something evenly above it and the repetitive is turning it into a safe place. Perhaps it is the case that the repetitive is reassuring? You can go change colors in the window settings, but beyond that, circles and lines repeat over and over again. You have to look for angles to position yourself in. The angles create perspectives and thus new experiences. It may not tell me much about how AI works technically, but it does provide an experience of being inside something intricate.