Like the two previous places I mentioned here on the blog, Chakryn Forest is also a place that has been around for a long time. It was created by Andrek Lowell , a creator that I used to create The Companion. At the time, let me say long ago, Chakryn was a revelation of a dream and inside the forest was there constantly placed small exhibitions by virtual designers, which were then replaced with some. The music was also specially selected, as was the one of virtual musicians.

Today, the place describes itself as follows:

«Secluded and romantic forest covering an entire sim. New quest! Art, beauty, hiding places. Please come in peace. No nudity, combat, vampire bites, soliciting. Thank you.

Forest by Andrek Lowell – Lowell Creations»

Now they go more for the romantic than what previously seemed like an innovative place where virtual dream forest met virtual explorative art.

But the place is a place you come back to, perhaps because it gives good memories, or perhaps because the design is so well made that it still holds and is suitable for taking pictures in. Because what is a place? A somewhere we have a relationship to, which helps to give me a narrative identity. Chakryn forest is certainly part of my avatar’s identity.