This time I visited Verdigris. Like Tableau, the previous place I visited, Verdigris is also a place that has been around for a long time.

But places seem a bit deserted. Where there should have been shops, there are empty stalls. The place is experienced as outdated and would probably benefit from a renewal. An example is the statues of which there are similar and newer versions, the statues are often something that is repeated in many places, often as a representation of real life outside the virtual, which is an interesting phenomenon. Very few times do you find statues that represent the uniqueness of the virtual, and a few artists have created an expression precisely by capturing the possibilities within a virtual world. Statues are often something I associate with memories; they are present to remind us of past events. The statues here in Verdigris have no function either as meaningful or as an aesthetic input.

There are several places here, a kind of museum that is perhaps the most outdated, even the birds seem to belong to a delayed development. The city itself is located on a cliff that from a distance seems fascinating and the city still works, but as I said, there are hardly any shops there anymore. Which also testifies that the place desperately needs a renewal, because the basic concept is good and worth renewing.