This can almost be considered an ancient city in the SL context, by this I mean that the place has existed for as long as I can remember. The place itself is a dystopian place with deserts, dinosaurs and a bomb that has fallen. It is an open landscape and not many visitors at a time. But I think the place has remained updated despite the fact that the place is old, some steps have been taken to keep the place relevant.

This open landscape is easy to walk around in. It is not overloaded with details, but everything is appropriately proportioned with a small, partly abandoned city in the middle of a desert. Some dinosaurs have strayed and emphasize the dystopian where nature has gone banana as a result of human actions.

There are a few central focus areas, the abandoned sort of ruin of a city, the ruins of an outdoor theater where a bomb has fallen on stage and a small fireplace that looks like there is still someone there, they have gone to find more wood. Time stands still, at the same time as it has elements of different eras that have frozen in time in this place.

The place plays on familiar elements, but put together in a new way and thus a narrative has emerged that is waiting to be told.