This place is based on a poem from the Middle Ages: What better place to stage an Otherworld than in this SL Otherworld? A visual representation of a medieval Welsh poem from The Book of Taliesin, that begins with the prisoner Gweir. Find him in the four levels of Annwn and a way out of the labyrinth.

I usually enjoy places that are based on a literary work, where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the literary work through another expression. Via oral storytelling I have heard of Taliesin, and when this place was launched, I looked forward to visiting it. This is the second time I’m there.

I do not know the poem and for me the whole place is a little too unstructured. There are many good and striking elements, but I feel that it lacks a holistic thought. The design seems just placed around and appears as different stations, where some stations work better than others. It is difficult to take pictures there, because there is always something in the way of the photo story you want to create. But perhaps it is precisely the distraction in details that makes it worth visiting.