In the post here I told about my visit to Chuänghu, this time I have visited the artist FionaFei’s own gallery, which you get to by going through a red door. Then you come to the gallery which consists of a main room with two side rooms. But it is not a gallery where pictures hang nicely along the walls, the gallery consists of three-dimensional ink drawings that you stand in the middle of.

It is all in black and white and thus easy «to color oneself” into. Perhaps the most fascinating room in the gallery is the room where women figures fall down. Women have different positions that make one associate around women’s position in society.

The installations are based on a special drawing technique from China and the black and white makes it easy to take pictures, there are fewer details to deal with. The room is also opened through the non-photorealistic installation. This gives room for self-expression and focus.

There are no ready-made narratives here, which opens up for interpretations.