Here follows the ninth part with a list and some explanation concerning characters in Norwegian folk legends. The characters comes in alphabetic order according to their Norwegian name.

If you woke up sweaty and exhausted, it was possible that Mara had been using you as a horse during the night. Mara was a woman with long hair that could visit you in nighttime. She would lay down on your chest so your heart would hurt and you felt like suffocating. She would leave you if someone called your name when you were asleep. You could protect yourself by saying one particular verse before you got to bed. Or you could pray, but that would only work if you had all the teeth left in your mouth.

This is a creature from the sea, generally described as being small compared to mermen. But it was, like mermen, a mixture of human and fish. They were known to be extremely intelligent and able to answer intricate questions. Marmaele had the size of a child and was always cold. If you gave them some clothes, you would receive a reward.

I have only found one legend about Melusina in Norway, coming from Helgeland. Every Saturday she turned into a “half fish”, and therefore she was unloved. Before she was evicted from her home, she gave birth to nine children. She spent her time flying in the air, calling for her children.
More next Thursday. See also the challenge here, where you can create new stories based on the these characters.