Here follows the eight part with a list and some explanation concerning characters in Norwegian folklegends. The characters comes in alphabetic order according to their Norwegian name.

Lindorm (serpent)
This is a big serpent. It guarded treasure and was able to take people down into the deep of water to eat them. One way to get rid of it was by running 7 times around a campfire with the serpent following you and then lure it into the fire.

Lussi was there to make sure that Christmas was done on time. She came three days before Christmas and visited all the houses. She is said to have led a procession of all kinds of strange animals.

Last in the procession came a lame hen. If you were working while she was there, she would punish you. One of the punishments was could be that one of your hands would fall off.

Lyktemannen (”latern man”)
Lyktemannen is only mentioned in a folk legend from the region Rogaland in Norway.
It is actually not described as a man (despite the ”man” name), but a child that looked like a glowing fire with a big hat made of bark.