It is late Thursday, but here it is, actually the last one, it is the end of characters, so what I will do next Thrusday, I have no idea …… yet. The list is an explanation concerning characters in Norwegian folklegends. The characters comes in alphabetic order according to their Norwegian name.


Vardoeg was a character that followed human beings, and often they had the shape of an animal that corresponded to the humans mind. They alert you if there was danger ahead. Was there anything that scratched you, you should be on guard of potential danger. It was important not to shut the door quickly, then you might leave your vardoeg outside. The animals always noticed your vardoeg. Cows bellowed before you got home, because vardoeg was there ahead of you. Was the vardoeg coming later than you it was not a good sign.


In my selection of legends werewolf was not something people voluntarily turned into. Werewolf was a curse that was cast over one and one could not control when they turned into a werewolf. But you could warn the surroundings when you felt it was coming over you, to avoid any damage. A legend tells of a priest and a whole congregation that was turned into wolves.

Veteljos (could be translated to wisdom light)

There is only one tale about veteljos. This was one of the hundrefolk (hidden people or faery people) who was sitting with a light in the hand. People in sorrow could come to her and get advice, but noone else.

Aasgaardsreia or Oskoreia – directly translated it means a raid from aasgaard.

This was a flock of people who did not get to heaven or hell: drunkards, bad poets (yes really), traitors and impostors. The procession rode over land and water on black horses. From the front you did not see anything wrong, but in the rear the people were hollow (described as something like hollow aspen). Foremost rode Guro (Gudrun) Asgard or as she was called: Guro Rysserova (ponytail). She is both described as big and bad and sometimes very beautiful. Her horse was black and called Skokse or Skerting. Sigurd was her husband, he was terribly old and was so decrepit that when he wanted to look, they have to lift up his eyelids. And they had to help help him close his eyes when he went to sleep.

They rode on black horses with eyes that glowed in the dark. One could hear the party coming with screams and lumber When you heard them you had to throw yourself down and form a cross with your body, they would all spit at you and then you had to spit after them when they had gone by. Moreover, it was important to put the cross on all houses. Many legends tells of death as a result of a meeting with them, either one was picked into small pieces, or blown to death in a race.