Another Thursday and a new round with a list and some explanation concerning characters in Norwegian folklegends. The characters comes in alphabetic order according to their Norwegian name.

Roperern – translated to ”The cryer”.

It is possible ”ropern” is the same as ”utburden” which will be mentioned later.
“Roperern” is the voice and the screams of a child born and killed by its parent in secret. It would be buried in a place where noone was supposed to find its dead body. “Roperen” is the voice of the dead child. It could call on his mother, and change the voice from sounding like a rooster to a neigh like a horse.

There is no description on how this creature looked like, but he seems to something like “Nissen” or “draugen” mentioned earlier. He lived in homes where fishing was main income. He had to have quiet surroundings when he was home and not out on the sea. If he was upset he could stomp so the whole house shook. When he disappeared and was long gone, it was a sign of good fishing.

This creature lived in both freshwater and saltwater and descriptions are particularly strong around how a dead sea serpent emits a terrible odor.

The sea serpent could travel from one river to the sea where it then made
tracks like a plow. It is described as extremely long, often black and with a long
(black) mane.

One could see it in good weather. The head was large with large jaws, and the head was about half a meter above the water. A sea serpent could shut boats and ships inside the fjords. To get away from it, you could cut your finger and the monster would stop to lick the blood.