Here follows a new round with a list and some explanation concerning characters in Norwegian folklegends. The characters comes in alphabetic order according to their Norwegian name.

Naadelys/mercy light

Naadelys was a light that flashed on the chest of people. This was a warning, one should tell the person who wore it, so the person could take care of him or herself.

Rise (sort of giant or troll)
As mentioned with jutul, it is not easy to tell the difference between the “jutul”, “rise” and “troll”. “Risene” was also called mountain “rise”. What is certain is that where the “rise” is present, the landscape would change. Islands, mountains and valleys were formed in the presence of a “rise”.

They had a penchant of throwing stones, often at each other. They turned to stone in the
sunlight. There is a story about a “rise” who lived so long that he was completely hooked in the back and when St. Olaf (the king that christened Norway) arrived along the coast, he went into the mountain and no one ever saw him again.

Roende kjerring/Rowing woman
I call this for ”Rowing woman” because it is the way she described. She is in one single tale from the region of Ostfold in Norway. I think she was so fascinating that I decided to mention her.

This was a female figure who rowed around in a “half‐boat”, she had long white hair and was singing as she rowed hard. People took it as a sign of bad weather.