This is a strange creature (as if not all are) called “dragedokka” or “dradokka” (meaning something like “pulling doll”) from Norwegian folk legends; a creature that draws wealth to a chosen person. There are primarily two different descriptions on how it looked like. Some folk legends describe it as a doll made of rags and given life by a woman with a little blood. Others describe it as small and fuzzy, like a mouse.

The very good dolls could collect wealth from 7 parishes. When it was not working, it was sitting in a living room on a chest and shivered as if she were cold. It wanted to be busy and an owner of such a being was always rich. Some legends say that she put money in their owner’s shoes. She laughed out loud when she was asked to work, except when she had to go to the sea, then she cried.

If you had a creature like this, it was difficult to get rid of it, one had to put it back where one found it, with the money they have collected. One had also to make sure that someone inherits the doll, otherwise it would go around and moan.

A man found a doll and took it home and put it in a closet. Next time the man opened the closet he found money there. The man was afraid. He put the doll on a chopping block and cut it into several pieces. But the next time he opened the closet, the doll was sitting there like nothing had happened. He went to the priest who advised him to put the doll back in the place he had found it, with all the money he had received. He did so and thus he was rid of it.