Today is yet another #folkloreThursday, and instead of characters I thought I would translate a short story of the samipeople. I rarely tell stories from the samipeople myself. Out of the respect of this still vibrant culture, I feel like I am cultural colonizing the culture when I tell the stories of our indigenous people.

Anyway, I have found a story in Brita Pollans excellent book: Samiske berettninger.

This story is about two brothers, both working, one wants money as payment, the oldest wants a reindeer stomac filled with blood. The oldest brother goes to sell this stomac, on his travel he meets three old women (sisters) who gives him advice as he travel – finally the advice on where he can go, and what he should ask for in return for the stomac. He follows the advice and arrives at the devils house. He repairs the broken door, takes care of the dogs inside the house and cleans with the broomstich which he finallys puts carefully up against the wall.

He meets the devil and get the stones he wants in return for the stomac. As he leaves, the devil regrets and asks the broomstick, dogs and the door to stop the man. They refuses as he took care of them.

Back home, he rolls the stones down a hill and falls asleep. Next morning, there is a rich farm where he rolled the stones. His younger brother wants the same and follows the same route, but not same advices and of course, ends in bad luck because of this.