In folktales this is a paradox, a to be or not to be. A prohibition is given the protagonist: not stir a leaf in the golden woods, do not open the 13th door, do not look in the casket, do not eat fish or the dragon’s heart, do not go in the woods, do not talk with strange wolves, do not sit on the horse. And all prohibitions must be broken, otherwise it is not a story to tell, otherwise no life goes on, otherwise there is no evolution.

There is too much I can not say no to: an ice cold beer in pleasant company, a scented Indian meal in an overly narrow restaurant, milk chocolates shaped like hearts, coca cola in a bottle made of glass. It may not be the taste experience that makes it irresistible, I think it is often the connotation it gets in a given context. The irresistible becomes the imperative of the moment.