As part of a project in the spring of 2016, I ask for post cards sent to me. The purpose of the cards is that they are going to awaken memories in the audience so that they can tell their own stories. The postcards are going to both be used in a story telling performance and be presented on the blog.

If you send a post card, I will send one back.
What you do is the following:

Find a postcard, the subject on the card is not essential for me, but it should be a conscious choice for you. The subject represents a place you can relate to, or something you have experienced or the like.

On the card, you can write about something you have experienced, what you have done in the past, about how you are now or the like. The death is a theme of the performance. However, it is not essential that you write about this.

Do not write your address on the card and sign it as you wish. Keep in mind that the cards will be read by the audience during a performance, as well as that they will be scanned, posted on the blog here. Therefore, how anonymous you want to be is up to you.

Instead of writing the address on the card, send me an email where you say something about where you are sending the card from and the subject on the card, as well as your address and I will send you a card back. You send the email to

Then you send the card to the following address: Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen, Pilestredet Park 15, 0176 Oslo, Norway.