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Trenger din hjelp, hvilket bilde bør være med?/Need your help, which picture should be included?


(English below)

Som du kanskje har fått med deg skal jeg feire ”50 år som menneske, 20 år som forteller og 8 år som avatar” med noe jeg kaller en narrativ installasjon i april. I denne skal det blant annet være bilder hvor jeg blander avatar med selvportretter tatt og bearbeidet med Iphone.

Hver dag i en periode fremover vil jeg vise et sett på åtte til ni bilder, men på grunn av min manglende visuelle kompetanse og på grunn av det interaktive elementet i installasjonen, trenger jeg hjelp til å velge et bilde fra hvert sett som da skal inngå i installasjonen. I kommentarfeltet under skriver du nummeret på bildet som skal delta. I gjengjeld vil du få med navnet ditt i installasjonen.

Jeg skal ha med tilsammen femti bilder.

Under er dagens sett.

As you might know, I shall celebrate «50 years as a human, 20 years as storyteller and 8 years as avatar» with something I call a «narrative installation» in April.

In this installation I will include pictures where I mix avatar with self-portraits (selfie) taken and processed with Iphone. Every day, for some time ahead, I will show a set of eight to nine images, but because of my lack of visual skills and because of the interaction element of the installation, I need help in choosing which image from each set should be included in the installation. In the comments below, type the number of the photo that you think should participate. In return you will get your name in the installation.

I will have together fifty images. Here is today’s set of photos.


number/nummer 1


number/nummer 2


number/nummer 3


number/nummer 4


number/nummer 5


number/nummer 6


number/nummer 7


number/nummer 8

Dagens foto: Trene på spøkelse


Sted: Vestre Gravlund
Dato: 4. februar 2016
Kamera: EOS 400D DIGITAL
Objektiv: EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
Iso: 100
Blenderåpning: F 13
Lukkertid: 1/6

The dragon and something about the basilisk #FolkloreThursday


I had almost forgotten that it was «this day today». And here comes a post translated some «hastily», because one has to parttake of course!

In 1631 the last dragon was shot in Norway, the folk legends tells us.

In Norwegian folklore you also find some information about the basilisk, which has some similarites with the dragon: One should not keep old roosters. When the rooster was seven years old, it would have an egg which it carries to a stream. After a few days the egg hatch and becomes a horrible basilisk with a snake body, head like a rooster and it can talk. It is dangerous for both humans and animals and so toxic that just the sight of it causes people and animals to burst. Should you see the rooster go away with an egg in its beak, immediately take it from it and throw it in to the fire. To fight a basilisk, there is no other way than to go backwards with a mirror so it can see itself in it and it will burst.

According to Martin Bjørndal in ”Sagn og tru, folkeminne frå Møre” the dragon was described in the following way:

The dragon is a horrible troll. He is black all over his body and have powerful and broad wings, it has claws instead of nails on the hands and feet. it is preferably outside at night and from a distance he looks like a big bird flying through the air. As the eagle builds and he lives on high mountain rocks. Where he has his nest. Like other giant trolls, he stays mostly stationary. But sometimes he travels to find a beautiful maiden. The maiden he catches, will never be free again.

Joh. Th. Storaker in ”Naturrigerne i den norske folketro” describes how a dragon is created: When snakes come together to «ting» (a gathering) they sacrifice whoever comes last. Then they hastens the to the water to drink and wash themselves and whoever comes first back and bittes the victim gets immediately that strange force of wings and becomes a dragon.

A happy Thursday from Norway